Annual Tournament

The Crowthorne Annual Club Tournament is a round-robin/knockout tournament that starts around the end of April and culminates on Finals Day which, last year, was in  September.

As last year, in addition to the traditional events there were 3 new events, for all ages, sexes and playing standards with finals in July.

Both finals days start at 10am.

Click for an Entry Form and the Rules and read both carefully.

Please note the rules regarding balls

In the veterans and handicap events, if one pair is shown with a red B, they provide the balls. Otherwise the rule is as below…

a. Both opponents should bring an unopened can of 4 balls of recognised championship quality to their match.
b. By spinning, they decide which balls to use.
c. At the end of the match, the winner gets the unopened can of balls to use for the next match and the loser keeps the balls used for
the match.
d. Balls are available from Richard McCully for £4.50 a tube.

In round robin events, used balls from the clubhouse may be used as long as all players agree.